El Secreto delivers Puerto Rican donuts and pastries


Donuts have been all the rage since the start of the pandemic: Wake & Bake, the Donut Club, and the aptly named Pandemic Donuts have all opened since last spring; Berkeley Donuts and Third Culture Bakery came into being just before that and have continued to deliver sweet comfort at a steady pace throughout 2020. During these comfort-hungry months, creativity and tradition received equal attention. , with old-fashioned favorites sharing the space in your dozen with more adventurous offerings.

Also popular because we all spend more time at home: delivering food. And at the meeting point of convenience and envy is El Secreto, a new online pastry business specializing in Puerto Rican baked goods and mind-blowing donuts.

El Secreto co-founder Adriana Negrón is from Puerto Rico, and many of her new pastries are faithful representations of the island’s flavors. “We get all of our guavas directly from Puerto Rico,” notes the baker.

She and her fellow pastry chef Jose Torres use this guava to fill flaky pastelitos dusted with powdered sugar; other Puerto Rican specialties include quesitos (puff pastry filled with queso crema) and majorcas (sweet rolls, with or without cheese). El Secreto also offers several unique seasonal creations with Caribbean flavors in the foreground, like the holiday-season coquito donut bars that come with a creamy topping reminiscent of coquito, a version of coconut milk pudding from coconut or piña colada donuts garnished with razor thin. pieces of dried pineapple.

The donuts seduce the eyes as much as the taste buds and come in the form of light and airy croquettes (a recent version contained gold leaf, powdered sugar, bourbon chocolate mousse and dulce de leche), classic yeast donuts (although the rotating flavors are anything but standard) and creme brulee-filled donuts, with a crunchy caramel coating and pastry cream interior.

Typically, orders (with a minimum of $ 20) can be placed online any day of the week for next day delivery, but El Secreto just added same day service, so if you order before 2 p.m. and send “night21” to 850-714 -2684, you will have your pastries between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. that evening. Visit El Secreto’s Instagram page for promotions and updates, then order from the bakery’s website. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, you can pre-order a chocolate heart shell along with a miniature wooden mallet, five Ferraro-Rochet donuts, a personalized message (you provide) and a butterfly. surprise.

It turns out that the secret to happiness is the delivery of donuts.


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