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Lots of things are happening in the Grange building at the Altamont fair this week. We are located between the 4-H building and the culinary building.

We will have freshly presented and baked products every day with homemade pies on Thursday August 19; strawberry shortbread on Friday August 20; cinnamon buns on Saturday August 21; and homemade cookies on Sunday August 22.

In addition to being able to attend the daily baking demonstrations, you will also have the opportunity to buy them and enjoy them with your coffee or your milk in our barn building. There will also be stands from every Subordinate Grange and Junior Grange, and from every Pomona (County) Grange.

These stands are always very interesting and educational in a fun way. These are never boring to see. Each Grange designs its own stand, and they are all judged for their creativity, educational value and more.

Each day there will be a craft demonstration by different Grangers. Many of these trades are often from years ago, and perhaps forgotten by many.

Two Grangers will demonstrate kitchen and farm items from years ago. Many are unknown to most festival-goers.

On Thursday, a demonstration of a special, long-forgotten craft of making a rug from socks will be presented. The demonstrator will show how to vary the shape of the rug as you crochet it….

There will also be locally grown plants for sale in the Grange building, as well as plenty of homemade items – kitchen towels that can be hung on your stove or refrigerator door, an Altamont Fair favorite every year. year. We will have our specially requested “scrubbies” and many other items.

Be sure to check out the variety of homemade items in our Barn building. You will also have the opportunity to see some of the handcrafted items while you are there.

It’s also a great place to start your holiday and birthday shopping, and you’ll usually find hand-knitted or crochet baby items.

There may be fresh produce available, depending on one’s garden that year. It always depends on the growing season and the weather. The heavy rain we had may have helped some items and ruined other items. Keep in mind that July is generally our best growing month, and this July we made the record books for rain.

Be sure to stop by Bethlehem Grange booth 137 for more information on how to become a member of the Grange. There will be applications for all age groups: Juniors, ages 5-14; Young people aged 15 to 35; and junior members of the Grange, aged 15 to 105.

Becoming a Grange member has many benefits, as well as savings for you when you shop online. We will also have our Event Card, listing all the remaining dinners and projects on the 2021 calendar.

As a chapter of “Stars4ourTroops” we will have stars available for first responders, healthcare workers, veterans and more. We will also be able to accept your worn or tattered flag at our booth.

We also accept zippers for soda, beer cans, soup cans, and pet food. Bring your zippers with you and drop them in our container for the local Ronald McDonald House.

Bethlehem Grange 137 also accepts your old glasses and hearing aids for the Lions organization; they are distributed to people who might not otherwise be able to obtain them. We will have our Lions Box to accept your old glasses and hearing aids.

We are also a pantry that supports five neighboring pantries; we can only accept non-perishable items. If you would like to drop off items, we will gladly accept them at Bethlehem Grange booth 137.

Bethlehem Grange 137 is also preparing in two and a half years to celebrate our 150th anniversary, in our historic building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Bethlehem Barn 137


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