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You might have eaten their scone at Insomnia Coffee or their pumpkin loaf at The Ocean Lodge: Dough Dough Bakery baked goods can be found at various Cannon Beach locations. They are known for their high quality baked goods and fresh ingredients.

But it was difficult to stay in business.

“Currently we have an employee at Dough Dough and we [the owners] to manage both sites,” owner Alex Hoffman said. “We are able to be open, but not able to do as much as we could. But we are still able to provide people with quality products.

Alex and Johnathan opened Dough Dough Bakery in Seaside in 2010.

Alex and Jonathan Hoffman operate Dough Dough Bakery in Seaside. Their company supplies baked goods to many establishments in Cannon Beach.

“In 2019 we were just hitting our stride and seeing how the business was going to pan out and we were on the recovery,” Alex said.

And then Covid hit.

“We informed all of our employees as soon as we started to hear about it,” Alex said. “We warned them in advance, but we had to fire everyone.”

The business did not shut down completely at the start of the pandemic, but its operation was extremely limited.

“All industries were hit hard, but we were crushed,” Alex said. “When we came back we had a lot of restrictions and people who were frustrated and didn’t understand them.”

Alex noted that running the business with a few employees was okay for a while, but in reality their business lost 75% of the necessary staff.

“Just trying to find employees has been a nightmare,” Alex said. “We have been managing a two-man team for two years when we would like nine people. There are so many people who got burned in this industry. Also, being on the coast, there is nowhere to live.

Despite their struggles, Dough Dough Bakery continued to produce baked goods for their storefront as well as wholesale accounts.

“We were lucky that we didn’t have to give up on what we’re doing,” Alex said. “It’s nice to know that people don’t get upset about only receiving limited items because we’re not willing to sacrifice the quality of our ingredients just to make money or make more money.”

Recently, Dough Dough Bakery signed a five-year lease on its Seaside location, confirming its presence on the coast for the foreseeable future.

“We have a big announcement coming in the next two weeks,” Alex said. “Things are much better than in the last three weeks.”

Dough Dough Bakery products can be found in Cannon Beach at Fresh Foods, Insomnia Coffee Company, Sleepy Monk, The Ocean Lodge and Island Grinds.


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