DK devours the first unique cookbook from pastry chef Higham


DK signed The last bite: a whole new approach to making desserts all year round, by award-winning pastry chef Anna Higham.

Published in hardback format on May 5, 2022, the global rights were acquired by DK Life Acquisitions Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Milner from Caitlin Leydon at Curtis Brown.

Higham, winner of the bakery category at the 2019 Young British Foodie Awards, previously worked at the Gramercy Tavern in New York City, before moving to world-famous restaurant Lyle’s, where many of her desserts are still on the menu. She designed the pastry menu for partner restaurant Flor, London, and is currently the Executive Pastry Chef of renowned London institution The River Café.

Described as a “revolutionary cookbook,” Higham’s new work encourages home bakers to approach dessert creation by tasting, seasoning and letting the ingredients shine. The book also explores the key ingredients, season by season, showing readers how to work with fruits, grains, fats, and chocolate, to build dessert, and question seasoning, structure, and texture to magnify flavor. and taste.

The book contains over 150 recipes for pastries, pies, jams, mousses, meringues, ice creams and over 40 seasonal desserts on the plate, ranging from a light cake with almonds and figs in autumn to a rich custard with elderberry flowers in spring.

Higham said: “This is the book I would have liked to have had at the start of my career. There were books that taught you how to create complex and technical desserts, but I had a hard time figuring out which one was right for you. ‘taught creativity and got me excited about the ingredients. The last bite communicate my love of fruit, butter, sweetness. I hope my passion opens up ideas for readers and offers them a reassuring hand to create something new.

“My goal was to write a beautiful book that serves as both inspiration and instruction. The hope is that people will use it as a source book, looking forward to next season and what products are to come. what you have to create something delicious. Taste, season, trust your palate – and you will discover how to cook amazing desserts. “

Stephanie Milner said of the The last bite: “Anna Higham is a truly special chef. She approaches cooking in a tender and thoughtful way that is rare and her food writing is the same. Over the past year, I have devoured her words so quickly and eagerly as I slipped it set desserts – my fork was never far from my reach – the romance of the two brings me so much joy! The last bite is one of a kind (the kind of book every kitchen editor dreams of publishing once in their career) and it will be a treasured gem in the library of any avid cook. “


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