Dessert-in-a-jar specialist brings products to in-store bakeries


SANFORD, FL. — Jar Joy desserts in jars are now available at grocery store bakeries.

The company’s pre-portioned pies and cheesecakes require no preparation or labor, and they have a longer shelf life than traditional baked goods, according to Jar Joy.

“Bakeries generally offer a high profit margin to grocery stores, and Jar Joy is a great way to increase profits with little investment,” according to Jar Joy. “Stores only have to stock the product, saving the retailer the extra labor costs typically associated with traditional baked goods.”

Convenience and exceptional flavor make Jar Joy desserts a popular option for consumers, according to the company.

The jars were designed for people on the go who want to experience an upscale dessert, consumers looking for a readily available dessert with individual portion control, and those looking for a convenient, all-natural dessert without sacrificing quality. and flavor.

Jar Joy desserts are stackable and easily transportable. They keep in the freezer for a year and don’t need any additional cooking or preparation. The 4-ounce jars are the perfect size for a single serving, and the multi-pack boxes let everyone in the family pick a favorite.

In addition to cost savings and convenience, Jar Joy delivers exceptional flavor with desserts made with all-natural ingredients, according to Jar Joy.

Authentic flavors are the result of Jar Joy’s insistence on premium ingredients like Dutch cocoa, real butter, whole milk, real fruit preserves and all-natural flavors.

Pie flavors include: Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Fudge Pie, Coco Loco Caramel, and Mississippi Mud.

The cheesecake options are: Summer Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cream Cookies. The three cake-inspired cheesecake flavors are also popular: Birthday Cake, Death by Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

To meet rapidly growing demand, Jar Joy recently increased its production capacity with the acquisition of a 60,000 square foot factory in Sanford.

Retail units are available in several configurations, including 2-pack (MSRP $2.98 – $3.98) and 4-pack (MSRP $7.98 – $9.98) for supermarkets and convenience stores and the 6-pack (MSRP $9.98 – $11.98) for club stores. Units are shipped frozen on pallets of 60 cases.


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