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KEESEVILLE – Curdie Gardner wants you to have part of his home grown garden.

Through her business, Curdie’s Creations, located at 1831 Route 9, Keeseville, which she opened earlier this year, she offers customers hand-cut mixed bouquets from her garden for all that they want to do with it: weddings, gifts, table decorations – anything.

“It’s just a nice gift you can give to your secretary or your babysitter or your pet sitter or your friend or your wife or your husband,” Gardner said.

“The mixed bouquets come with loads of herbs then all my annuals, zinnias, asters, cosmos, perennials like flocks, daylilies, agastache – which is a licorice plant – and then in season, I put hasta in it I put gooseneck loosestrife, which is white I put about 25 different flowers… I think there are about 25 that I can choose from at the strongest of the season.


Currently, Gardner offers two different sizes for bouquets: small and large.

“Our regular bunch – the little one – can be between six and 10 stems depending on what it is,” she said.

“A large bouquet goes up to 15 stems, and of course (with) sunflowers; I put sunflowers.


The small bouquet starts at $5 and the large bouquet starts at $10, she said.

“They go up from there depending on what you want, depending on the size of your container. Some people want to spend $40 on flowers and they want them big and full,” Gardner said.

“I can do it too.

“As the seasons go by, the bouquets take on a different look. If there are zinnias, you will have zinnias; if there are less zinnias, you will have more of something else. You have to keep a variety.


Those who purchase bouquets from Curdie’s Creations can also choose to have them planted in a bucket or planter, which can be purchased there and filled later at a discounted rate.

Customers are also entitled to a garden tour when purchasing a bouquet.

“I always tell people that when you get a bouquet here, you also get a free tour,” Gardner said.

“It all comes together like a fluid company – a fluid garden.”


Gardner said his inspiration to open a business came from his brother, who had told him for years that it would be a good idea to have a home-based business.

“It was my brother who passed away who encouraged me to always have a home business, and I never did when my kids were younger,” she said.

“It was when they grew up that I left and thought about it. I am now at a time in my life where I can do that. That’s why I started, in memory of my brother who said 30 years ago that I had to get out.


In addition to flowers, Curdie’s Creations also offers homemade baked goods.

Cinnabon cookies, as long as she has two days notice, she can do it.

“I do gluten-free, I do simple things… cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, those are the most popular – with or without white icing. I do them in different ways,” Gardner said.

“Pastry is something I do all year round, it’s picking up now because it’s cooler. I like to make the flowers, you make the bouquet and you’re done. With baking, I always tell the folks that I need two days notice to make sure I’m home.

Gardner said her business seems unusual to people because she runs it from her home.

“Either you’re a farm or a shop, they’re not used to people doing things from their homes, it’s unusual,” she said.

“I only do it by appointment and I prefer that. If I was anywhere else, I would have a farm stand…it’s the dream, it’s like a stepping stone.


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