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By Claire Sachse
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When you turn into the parking lot for Cool Mama’s Bakery, located in Green Creek near the freeway intersection. 9 and 14, the sweet smell of pies, breads, cinnamon buns and donuts escapes from the store to greet you when you get out of your car.
Bakery owner Martha Graber says she became “Cool Mama” because the name “Hot Mama” was already taken. And to all appearances, this mother of 11 is keeping her cool in the bakery she founded with her daughter Ada six months ago.
Originally from Kentucky, Graber began baking breads to sell at her home. She then took her breads to the Columbus and Landrum farmers markets, and soon after, she decided to open her own bakery. She still sells in the markets on weekends. Business is going so well, she says, that she has purchased larger kitchen equipment to keep up with the demand.
Made from fresh ingredients, the bread menu includes honey wheat, sourdough, sourdough herbs, multigrain, tomato basil, pepperoni cheese, rosemary potatoes, cinnamon raisins , bananas and pumpkin nuts. A traditional New England bread called Anadama bread, made from cornmeal and molasses, is also baked regularly.
“Our bacon, cheese and chive scones were also a big hit,” said Ada Graber, Martha’s daughter and partner in the kitchen.
Cool Mama’s also sells a homemade granola blend that includes pecans, coconut, almonds, chocolate chips, and peanut butter, sweetened with stevia, molasses, and coconut sugar. Ada said she recommends granola for yogurt and ice cream. Another popular item is the wholemeal cookie mix in a jar, available in whole wheat chocolate chips.
Friday and Saturday mornings are “particularly labor intensive,” Ada said. She makes several batches of yeast glazed donuts by hand using wheat that she grinds herself. She sells the donuts from the bakery from 7:30 am and brings some to the farmers markets to sell them.
Customers can call ahead to place orders for pies, pastries and breads by calling (828) 894-9461.
The bakery is open Wednesday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The bakery’s Facebook page has details, specials and announcements.



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