Chef Alex Raij’s Cobble Hill Cafe Tekoá Soft opens with homemade pastries



Alex Raij and Eder Montero’s awaited new Cobble Hill cafe, Tekoá soft, opened this week, functioning as a simple cafe with Irving Farm coffee and Raij’s homemade pastries. Eventually, Tekoá – the successful duo’s first non-Spanish restaurant – will serve lunch, brunch, and cocktails, but Raij wanted to give space a try with only baked goods and coffee, she tells Eater. “We wanted to end the cooking,” Raij says. “It’s a learning curve with coffee and pastry. [savory food] is known, good territory. “

Raij’s baking program reflects the things she has eaten in the past and loved, she says. The options so far include cookies, coffee cake, and oatmeal cake. She also serves a peanut butter cookie, her favorite item from Ted and Honey, the beloved neighborhood cafe that once stood in the Tekoá space. “Most of them are nostalgic recipes for me,” Raij says. Many items are sweet instead of savory, which is part of the chef’s testing process.

The rest of the menu, including sandwiches and pancakes, will slowly start over the next few weeks. Tekoá is “very much a cafe” right now, says Raij. “We live in it for a while before it goes totally live,” she says. “[The people living on the street] have been coffee free for so long, they are happy to have us test our skills. Check out the space at 264 Clinton St., a few doors down from the successful team restaurant La Vara, and stay tuned for updates as Tekoá unveils more menu items.



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