Chain restaurant fined for falsely labeling food products


A popular Japanese-style buffet restaurant chain registered in Yangpu District was fined 500,000 yuan (US $ 78,400) for falsely labeling its food products.

It was discovered that Isshoni Sukiyaki’s outlet, a Japanese-style buffet restaurant, at Hopson One, a mall in Yangpu’s Wujiaochang district, served diners with plaice labeled as cod.

The restaurant used flounder and called it baked cod. The practice lasted between May 1 last year and September 14 this year, according to the Yangpu District Administration for Market Regulation.

This was a violation of China’s unfair competition law, according to the administration.

The restaurant has since changed the menu to correct the problem, the administration said.

The irregularity was spotted by administration officials during an inspection in September, which came after one of the restaurant’s outlets in Suzhou, neighboring Jiangsu Province, was exposed for having served to diners marked plaice like cod, cheap beef like Australian Wagyu beef and even duck. liver like foie gras.

The restaurant claimed that the beef it served was the best in the restaurant industry in an advertisement.

A video recorded in the kitchen of the Suzhou store was posted on social media.

The outlet was also exposed to using expired matcha and collecting unfinished sashimi from guests, mixing it with fresh food, and serving it again to new diners.

Additionally, an employee was shown eating bubble tea toppings using a serving spoon.

Point of sale dishes were not washed but wiped with paper instead or even set on fire for “disinfection”.

The operator of the restaurant, Shanghai Fengzhixu Catering Management Co, was ordered to improve the management of its outlets, conduct a self-examination and rectify the problem following the incident.

The restaurant chain has nine outlets in Shanghai, some of which have booming business with frequent long queues. Diners said they stood in line for two to three hours to get a seat.

The catering company apologized and said the Suzhou outlet was closed to resolve the issue.


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