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Adequate income, a steady job and a clean schedule. If the borrower can satisfy these conditions to the satisfaction of the bank, the car loan will be approved. If the creditworthiness is poor, a loan rejection must be expected. Still, the borrower shouldn’t give up.

There are other alternatives. For example, the loan without credit bureau could be an option or the personal loan. Anyone who is now somewhat in a lost position can hire a loan broker when looking for a car loan. This does the preparatory work for a loan.

In addition, a credit agency knows enough banks that provide a car loan despite poor creditworthiness.

Car loan despite bad credit – from the bank

Car loan despite bad credit - from the bank

If you are looking for a car loan, you usually get a dedicated loan. This may not be used for other financing. The bank is checking this by wanting to see a copy of the purchase contract. If you want to have a loan from a bank, you have to be able to meet the conditions of the bank.

Great importance is attached to the income and to the credit bureau, which should not have a negative impact. If there are still negative entries in the credit bureau, the creditworthiness will deteriorate severely. The consequence will often be that there is no credit or only under difficult conditions.

Too little or no income is also a problem. In this case, loan collateral can be offered. Think of a solvent guarantor or co-applicant. The co-applicant, like the borrower, is responsible for paying the loan installments.

The guarantor is only used if the borrower can no longer pay the installments. With limited creditworthiness it may be possible to obtain a small loan if a higher down payment is made, for example, in a car dealership.

This reduces the loan amount, which can have a positive impact on banks’ credit decisions.

Car loan despite bad credit – negative credit bureau

Car loan despite bad credit - negative credit bureau

If you have negative entries in your credit bureau, you will usually not get a loan from a regular bank. The credit risk is too high for the banks. The so-called “Swiss loan” is available for these customers. Since 2010, these loans have not come from Switzerland, but from Liechtenstein.

As far as is known, there is only one bank that legally provides a credit bureau-free loan. However, no car loan is granted there, only a small loan.

The loan amounts are staggered. How to:

  • 3500 USD
  • 5000 USD
  • or 7500 USD


credit bureau does not play a role in this loan, nor does the loan appear in it. However, borrowers have to meet high requirements to get this loan.

Excluded are:

  • unemployed,
  • Hartz IV recipients
  • Recipients of other social benefits,
  • self-employed
  • students
  • incomeless people

Preferred customers are workers and civil servants. Basically people who can really afford their credit.

Car loan free of bad credit despite bad credit – requirements

Car loan free of bad credit despite bad credit - requirements

The employee must have a fixed employment contract that is not limited in time and does not include a trial period. The duration of employment that is assumed depends on the loan amount.

For example, the 3500 USD loan must have been in permanent employment for at least one year. The 5000 loan requires 36 months of employment.

The 7,500 USD loan has required a permanent job for 48 months. Income also plays an important role.

For the 3500 USD loan, an income for a single person of 1150 USD is required. For the 5000 USD loan, an income of 1600 USD is required.

With a 7,500 USD loan, the bank requires an income of 1,800 USD. The income to be shown increases with every person living in the household.

If a successor loan is applied for, very good old customers only have to prove that they have been employed for 12 months.

Car loan despite poor credit rating – loan from the dealer

Car loan despite poor credit rating - loan from the dealer

Financing through the car dealer is very popular. The car is selected and the dealer has the right loan ready.

It’s that easy. This also offers low interest rates that a bank loan cannot offer.

Anyone who can now trade in a used vehicle and thereby practically makes a down payment will do well with this loan. The need for financing is reduced, so that customers with poor credit ratings also receive a loan.

The bad credit rating may have arisen from a slight credit bureau entry. But self-employed people or freelancers with fluctuating income can also use this car loan from a dealer. Of course, this is not a guarantee that the customer will get a car loan. Demand is everything here, the dealer will be happy to provide information.

Car loan despite bad credit – private loan

Car loan despite bad credit - private loan

Often, close relatives or very good friends can help out with a small or large financial injection. Especially when the car is absolutely needed and the customer can put it forward in a trustworthy manner.

The bad credit rating would then not play a role here. Of course, the whole thing should definitely be written down. Another option is credit marketplaces. There private investors are brought together with loan seekers.

The loan seeker creates a meaningful profile. Registration is free.

If different investors like the customer’s profile, the loan amount can come from several investors. Only then will the process become chargeable. One can call Smava or Auxmoney as serious portals.

These portals are also known for the procurement of loans with poor credit ratings. A look at the pages does not cost anything and can bring valuable information under certain circumstances.