Brownsburg’s hayloft brings together all your favorite local produce, from homemade baked goods to hit the spot this holiday


BROWNSBURG, Ind.– When Sarah Simon left her high-octane PR job for drag racers Courtney and Brittany Force from John Force Racing, she chose to take things in a completely different direction.

“Originally I wanted to open a wedding barn in the area and have it as a farm-to-table store and farm-to-table restaurant. And I couldn’t really get the land I wanted in the area I wanted, ”she recalls. “So my husband suggested that I open the farm-to-table store now.”

She officially opened The Hayloft in Brownsburg over four years ago.

Located just off Main Street, The Hayloft is a gourmet grocery store she describes as “a year-round indoor flea market and little bakery” under one roof.

We head to Brownsburg for a taste of Indiana’s best gastronomic delights on this trip In your neighborhood.

“I pretty much looked at what the area needed and thought Brownsburg would really like a place where you can come and get some gourmet treats… lots of local stuff,” Simon explained.

The hayloft offers a wide variety of gourmet products like local honey, jams and preserves, sauces, as well as products like candles and much more.

Photo credit: The Hayloft Facebook page

In total, they stock items from over 50 local and regional suppliers.

“We have about 85 to 90% of Indiana [vendors] at this point, ”she said. “But we’ve had people asking for things like Michigan or Illinois, Ohio, so we’ve become more regional, but we’re trying to stay with Indiana products.”

Customers also love to buy fresh eggs, cheese, and meat.

“We use Fischer Farms from Jasper, Indiana… Then we use a poultry farm in Bradford, Ohio, and it’s the best chicken you’ll ever have,” added Simon. “I don’t buy meat at the grocery store at all. We only have Fischer Farms and Kings Poultry at home.

If you’re a coffee lover, the boutique’s selection is truly unique… starting with their signature blend.

“We actually have a Hayloft mix because we have a Hayloft cupcake which is a white cupcake with peanut butter frosting and then a chocolate caramel sauce on top. Then we did it with a coffee flavor, and it was very popular, ”she said.

The shop also offers coffee flavors like wedding cake, blueberry pie, chocolate raspberry, sugar cookies, mint chocolate chips and snickerdoodle.

Photo credit: The Hayloft Facebook page

“We use Julian Coffee and it’s private label for us, so we sort of pick the flavors and a lot of the flavors are based on the flavors of our cupcakes,” Simon said.

The bakery crate is filled with sweet treats like frozen cookies, lemon bars, cheesecakes and their best-selling cupcakes.

“We have over 90 flavors of cupcakes now and we just make different ones every day. So you can come here on Monday and it’s all about the flavors and if you come the next day and they’re all completely different, ”Simon noted.

Photo credit: The Hayloft Facebook page

When it comes to holiday gifts, The Hayloft has been a hit with gift baskets, whether you create them yourself or opt for something specially assembled in store.

“We definitely have people who think I don’t know what to buy, I want Indiana products. And I can put them in the direction of our bestsellers and things that could be a good gift, ”she said. “We have a lot of people sending boxes and bags of gifts to the military and families out of state.”

Four things you should know about the hayloft:

  • The hayloft is located at 1016 East Main Street in Brownsburg. The boutique is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Sunday.
  • Owner Sarah Simon describes the gourmet grocery store as an “indoor farmers market open year round”. They specialize in selling locally made products and currently have around 50 local vendors.
  • The shop also has a bakery stocked with delicious homemade cookies, lemon bars, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and other goodies. The shop is also partnering up with Julian Coffee Roasters for their own line of coffee inspired by their wide array of cupcake flavors.
  • When it comes to picking up those special baked goods or special items in time for the holidays, it’s always good to call ahead if you can to place your order, especially if you want one. of their deli boxes (called “pasture boxes”) which are all special orders at the moment. However, if you just want to grab some last minute cookies or cupcakes, you can just go in and buy the bakery crate.

For more information on The Hayloft, visit the website by clicking here. For more photos and reviews of local Yelpers, check out their Yelp Profile. You can also connect to social networks via Facebook and Instagram.

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