Brazos Farms, a company offering CBD products, is coming to Texarkana


TEXARKANA, Texas — Brazos Farms, a company specializing in CBD products, has set up shop on Texas Boulevard.

Arriving from Hot Springs, Arkansas, the new company specializes in locally made products for a variety of needs. For those who don’t know what they need, the knowledgeable “budtenders” at Brazos Farms are here to take them by the hand.

“Those of us in the role of budtender need to know the products we have here inside out first,” said Phil Lewis, budtender. “A customer comes in, some may know this area and know what they want, it’s easy, we just provide it. But those who have no idea what’s available here or don’t know what they want is where we start to wonder what exactly they’re looking for, like pain relief, anxiety relief, or just a tasty treat.Then, once we’ve narrowed things down, we give them options and ultimately choose something that might meet their needs.

There are many things on the menu at Brazos Farms, all made locally.

“We have edibles, oils, gummies, topicals, baked goods like cookies and brownies,” Lewis said. “And of course we have CBD flowers as well as Delta 8. We even have stuff for your pets, especially dogs. Suppose you have an anxious dog on the 4th of July when the fireworks start going off. trigger, or whether you just have a dog that tends to be hyper and excitable, we have things that can help calm them down. They’re still them, just softer.”

Generally, these items appear to be a garden variety dog ​​biscuit.

(Brazos Farms is located at 3015 Texas Boulevard, Texarkana, Texas. You can also visit them on Facebook.)

Phil Lewis is a “budtender”, a specialist with extensive knowledge of Brazos Farms products. Gummies, pastries, ice cream or CBD flowers, he can help you determine what you need.


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