Bakery products are part of the Downtown Days fall finale


MONT GILEAD – Connie Gandee came to Downtown Days on Saturday morning to sell her homemade baked goods. She, like many people during the pandemic, took something she loved and put her whole heart into it instead of boredom.

“If you mow his lawn, attend a garage sale, or even look in his general direction, you might be rewarded with some delicious treats from his kitchen. His son Josh said.

“To stay connected at a time when everyone was confined to their house, my mom would prepare something as an activity, hide herself, drop it on the doorstep and knock lightly so they know she was there. . “

Connie enjoys baking cookies the most.

“It’s a hobby. My son loves Italian rainbow cookies. It’s a three-tiered sponge cake with raspberry jam and chocolate on top.

It was his first festival to sell his baked goods.

“They all convinced me. I just like to do it. I make cream pies – chocolate, banana, all that. I had an Easy-Bake oven when I was a kid, ”Gandee said.

She also sold sweet and spicy pecans and other treats at their table.

This marked the last Downtown Days of 2021 sponsored by the Mount Gilead Merchants Association.

“It’s all fall today,” said Kate Stuttler. “We have a lot of local business owners in the square. Cardington Public Library has a craft with kids painting pumpkins.

There were half a dozen Downtown Days events, a new business from the Merchants Association.

“It was just great meeting other business owners, some who had just started their businesses,” said Stuttler, co-owner of The Village Gathering Place and a member of the merchant group.

“You can also see how many different varieties of businesses there are in Morrow County.”

A family theme brought visitors downtown one Saturday a month.

“We met with all of our local county libraries that were involved. One of our busiest events is when the Mount Gilead Fire Department pulled out the trucks and the wading pool. It was pretty cool too, ”said Stuttler.

Traders team up with the Morrow County Chamber of Commerce for the annual Christmas Parade on Friday, December 3.

Local businesses will participate with an old-fashioned Christmas theme that will include singers, music, hot drinks and a Santa Claus appearance.

Connie Gandee came to Downtown Days on Saturday to sell her homemade baked goods. His son Josh and his wife Laura helped out in the square.

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