Baked goods are in high demand at Solvang during the holiday season


SOLVANG, Calif. — The holiday season is finally here, which means holiday baked goods at Solvang are in demand.

The festivities at Solvang are cheerful and bright, even when it comes to baking.

“We bake holiday cookies every day because we like them freshly baked,” said Danish Mill Bakery employee Henrik Gram.

At Danish Mill Bakery, bakers start their day very early.

All because they want to bring a smile to customers’ faces, when they take a first bite of this fresh treat.

“We cook from 1 a.m. and the last time we take out of the oven is 3 p.m.,” Gram said.

The most popular pastries vary, but bakers say visitors can’t get enough of their Danish butter cookies.

At Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery, the feeling is mutual.

Bakers say that while this holiday season has been extremely busy, it’s their favorite time of year.

“I can’t wait to come and create,” said owner Bent Olsen. “I like to create things. I don’t like to follow a specific recipe.

Olsen has owned the bakery for 52 years and says there’s no better place to bake produce every holiday season than in Solvang.

“This is where we live. it’s what we wanted it to be,” Olsen said. “For years we tried to create this fairy tale town it is today. and here we are.

For those who are gluten intolerant, there is no problem. Both bakeries say there are gluten-free options for those craving sweet treats this holiday season.


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