A pastry chef makes a giant tiger sculpture with chocolate; Leave the internet amazed


No matter how bad your day is, a piece of chocolate can turn things around in an instant! After all, chocolate in all its forms is pure bliss. Whether you have a plain piece of it or add it to a cake, make it into a mousse or even spread it on bread, its sweetness always satisfies us deep down. So far, we have seen chocolate in almost all kinds of forms. But have you ever seen a giant tiger made with chocolate? Yes, you read that right! If making a huge chocolate tiger seems impossible, let us tell you that a bakery has made this creation. Chef Amaury Guichon, known for creating unique sculptures out of chocolate, is back with another of his amazing creations. This time, in honor of the Lunar New Year, the chef made a chocolate tiger sculpture. He even showed how this chocolate is made on his Instagram account.

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While making this tiger chocolate, we can see the chef melting and molding the chocolate into different shapes and sizes to create a tiger. Once all the pieces are ready, he puts them together and spray paints them with white, yellow and black colors to give them a real life feel. Once done, he puts the two tigers together and shows the creation to his audience. Take a look here:

Since the chef uploaded this video to his Instagram, it has been viewed 3.7 million times, has 393,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Many people applauded his work and precision. One person wrote: “You are a true artist, your outstanding works inspire me and leave me amazed again and again. Thank you for showing your techniques, Chief.”

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Another person said, “Amazing! I didn’t think you were celebrating with us, so that’s really a baby tiger! Happy Lunar New Year.” One user also added, “Insanely talented and visionary artist!!”

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