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Pastry chef Amaury Guichon is well known on social networks, especially Instagram, for his unique creations made entirely of chocolate. The chef caught the eye again, and this time he created a realistic telescope. He even posted a video to his Instagram handle where he can be seen building the telescope from scratch, and it has gone viral online.

“Chocolate telescope!” Perfect snack to spy on your neighbor!” read the caption posted with the video. It also came with a telescope emoji and hashtags, including chocolate. The video captures the creation in detail. It opens to show him making each component, from the largest to the smallest, with different kinds of chocolates, molds and tools. As the video progresses, he can be seen carefully assembling each piece and painting his creation with edible spray to make it look even more realistic.

Watch the viral video below which shows the chef creating the telescope from scratch:

The video was shared on Instagram a day ago and has since garnered over 6.7 million views. He also received comments from internet users who were impressed by his creation.

“Watching the Vegas Strip through a telescope…God knows what you’ve seen,” pastry chef Matt Adlard commented. “At this point I’m just waiting for you to create the distant chocolate planet discovered by this chocolate telescope. My God,” posted another. “Fantastic! I don’t know which is more amazing, your imagination or your engineering skills! writes a third. “If someone else had told me it was chocolate, I would call them a liar. This is beyond amazing,” shared a fourth. What do you think of its creation? Would you like a bite to eat?


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