A pastry chef creates a playable dark chocolate flute



The flautist was playing so well that I couldn’t take my eyes off the video. Suddenly, an idea occurred to me: why not try to make a flute entirely out of chocolate? I decided to give it a try and started reading how a flute could be made. I understood that flutes can be made with different materials and not just bamboo.

It gave me the confidence to move forward. I contacted flautist Parth Chandiramani and told him about my idea. He was also interested in the concept, ”explains Vinesh Johny.

Vinesh Johny

The duo took almost 10 days to understand the science behind the making of the wind instrument. “Making a pipe with dark chocolate is quite possible. But the real challenge was to play something musical on the chocolate flute as the body temperature would melt the flute very quickly. We managed to make the perfect chocolate flute on the 10th day and it was a great moment for us, ”he adds.

Flutist Parth Chandiramani was initially taken aback when Vinesh suggested the idea of ​​making a chocolate flute. “I told him the chocolate flute would make some kind of sound, but we have to make a fully tuned flute. Vinesh made different sizes of pipes and I helped refine them. Since the flute is chocolate, every time I blow into it it slowly melts and eventually breaks.

Usually when a flute is made of bamboo and it breaks it really upsets me, but that was the only time I was happy when a flute broke because I could eat it right after, ”Parth explains. Chandiramani.

The flautist also admits that he was able to indulge in a lot of chocolates in the process. “After creating the final playable flute, I played 2-3 songs with it. As a flautist it was a fantastic experience, ”shares Parth.


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