A mum-of-two pastry chef hopes to ‘bring a bit of France’ to Black Isle


Croissants, pain au chocolat, quiches and tarts are some of the pastries that Emilie Brizard, 38, can perfect.

But the list does not end there.

Emilie, originally from France, has been trained as a chef, pastry chef, chocolatier, ice cream maker and pastry cook over the years, spending over two decades working in the restaurant industry.

Now residing in Avoch, Black Isle, the mother-of-two previously lived in the Highlands in 2002 before returning to France in 2005.

Pastry creations.

Clearly the talent, who has worked in a range of cafes, restaurants, hotels and bakeries, couldn’t stay away from the scenic area and recently launched her own baking business, O’Delice.

“I didn’t think I could do it”

Emilie’s friends and family had been urging her to open a pastry shop for years. But due to a lack of self-confidence, she failed to take the big step – until recently.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” Emilie said.

“But coming back to Scotland has opened my eyes to the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and now I’m starting my own business from home.

“Au délice is a very popular name in France for a bakery. But I wanted to adapt the name so that the Scots say it more easily, so O’Délice was born!

O’Délice was launched on Tuesday April 5th.

Emilie has spent over 30 years working in the restaurant industry.

Emilie will be attending the weekly Inverness area markets in the future and is accepting orders via Facebook and Instagram.

She hopes to stock her items in local cafes and restaurants soon.

What can I order?

Emilie described the business as “a small pastry shop”, so customers can expect a wide selection of French pastries, including:

  • Some croissants
  • Chocolate bread
  • Bread with raisins
  • Chocolate twists
  • Apricot Squares
  • pies
  • Quiches
  • cheese wish
  • Flying in the wind
One of the talent’s handmade Easter chocolates.

Not only that, but Emilie also produces handmade chocolate candies and sculptures that can be personalized upon request.

French ingredients including flour, yeast, milk, butter and cream are used in the products to ensure an authentic taste.

But Emilie likes to “bring a little madness” to her products with exotic flavors and textures, which she assures us will see more of in the months to come.

“A few weekends ago I had an order for 20 pastries,” Emilie said.

A strawberry pie.

“I also had my very first market in Strathpeffer. I made over 100 pastries and 40 croissants for it, as well as 30 Easter chocolates.


The talent says his inspiration comes from France and looks forward to what lies ahead for the company. She added: “This is just the beginning.

“My friends and family are thrilled that I’ve finally decided to listen to them. They’ve been supportive through good times and stressful times, but they’re always there to count on.

“I would like to thank my two teenage daughters who are always by my side too.

Emilie Brizard with her daughters Layla, center, and Amy.

“I’m not a person who makes long-term plans, I prefer to live now. But I hope to be able to bring a bit of France to the magnificent landscape in which I now live.

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[Mum-of-two pastry chef hopes ‘to bring a little bit of France’ to Black Isle]



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