8 French pastries you can make at home


Let’s face it: French pastries are just as delicious and impossible to make. Or not? We have a few recipes that will make your inner David Lebovitz shine. In most cases, you will need a little patience, a little manual labor, and a lot of butter. Get your chef’s gear ready and let’s start this French party, now.


Meet your new secret dinner weapon. Vol-au-vent are heavenly pastry pockets that contain just about any filling, sweet or savory. We love the look (probably the taste too!) Of deconstructed asparagus porridge. (via Cinnamon and Vanilla)

Palm trees

These caramelized puff cookies come in all sizes. But we think they taste better (and look great) when they’re little. (via Taste Williams-Sonoma)

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You’ll see them most often in the dessert menu, but the patties can also contain savory ingredients. These kinds of round and versatile puff pastry pancakes create a stunning presentation time and time again. (via Snixy Cuisine)

Raisin bread

The French cousin of the cinnamon roll is, like everything French, a bit more sophisticated and not afraid of butter. (via Tish Boyle)

macaroons french pastries

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Once you’ve mastered the delicate art of working egg whites the way it should be, you’ll be ready to wow your friends with a stylish rainbow bundle. (via Erecipe)


This translates to “a thousand layers”, but fear not, you won’t have to work that hard. This modern take includes berries and citrus yuzu cream. (via Oh How Civilized)

Chocolate bread

The good news? You… yes, you… can make pain au chocolat at home. The bad news? You can make pain au chocolat at home. It’s not a shortcut recipe, but the extra effort pays off. (via Le Bojon Gourmet)

Discover our pastry courses to make your own French pastries!

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