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BROCKTON – Now that the holiday season is back, you may be looking for more than just traditional Christmas sugar cookies to bring to your next event.

Want to find Italian pastries without heading to the North End? Looking for a Santa or Grinch shaped cake, or a gingerbread sleigh filled with cookies? How about an ugly sweater cookie?

Maybe you want to know where to find DIY cookie kits to create a gingerbread house with your family. Or if you want to leave a special treat for Santa, here are a few options that aren’t just your everyday cookies.

Here are six places in the Brockton area to find the perfect holiday-themed desserts – from baking platters and reindeer cookies to Yule log cannoli and more.

International gourmet cuisine (Brockton)

Holiday treats are on the menu at International Food Gourmet, where you can find the Panforte Christmas Cake, which is an almond cake with candied fruit, Panettone with traditional flavors filled with orange and Limoncello (a Italian lemon liqueur). They also have Italian biscotti cookies (small sizes) in chocolate chip, almond and dried fruit flavors, imported from Italy, anise cookies (a holiday favorite) and cannoli cookies.

“We make our own Cranberry Orange Nut Bread,” owner Adelina Armas said. “We also make our own cannoli and cannoli cream to order,” she said.

And you don’t have to drive to Boston for Italian pastries.

“We offer Italian pastries and ricotta pies made in the North End, including Half Moon, Terralina and Napolitan rum,” Armas said.

A selection of treats at International Food Gourmet, 57 Oak St., Brockton, Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

International Food Gourmet, 57 Oak St Ext., Brockton, 508-586-9862, internationalfoodgourmet.biz/

Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe (Bridgewater)

Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe is a family business that offers a variety of seasonal cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cookie platters and pastries and cheesecakes.

Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe in Bridgewater has a variety of holiday themed cakes, cupcakes and cookies, including these gingerbread men cookies.
Just Desserts Bakery & Cafe in Bridgewater offers a variety of holiday-themed cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cookie platters and pastries and cheesecakes.

Holiday-themed flavors include gingerbread cookies and cupcakes, gingerbread molasses and red velvet cakes, and tiramisu, an Italian coffee dessert. Homemade pies include banana cream, chocolate cream, pecans and peanut butter. The deadline for orders is December 19th.

1 Main Street, Bridgewater, 508-807-0387, justdessertscafe.net

Pastry Fratelli (Taunton)

Fratelli’s Pastry Shop has locations in Quincy, Weymouth and Taunton, and offers holiday items that include a Yule log, mini baking trays with cannoli, éclairs, carrot cake, cheesecake and more , cookie platters and Christmas cakes, including those in the shape of a Santa or reindeer head.

Fratelli's pastry shop in Taunton has a wide selection of holiday treats, including this Santa Claus cake.
Fratelli's pastry shop in Taunton offers a selection of treats, including these cannoli, for the Christmas holidays.

Of course, the shops also offer traditional cream puffs, cannoli, rum cakes and more. The last day to place orders at the Taunton location is December 20 to be picked up by December 24.

1 Washington Street, Taunton, 774-501-2018, fratellispastry.net

Art’s International Bakery (Raynham)

Art’s International Bakery offers gingerbread holiday homes, Yule logs, pastry platters and cheesecakes.

Art's International Bakery in Raynham offers yule logs, party baking platters, gingerbread man decorated as Santa, snowman and reindeer, decorated Christmas cakes, cookie platters, wreaths fruit, gingerbread sleighs filled with cookies and more.

They have Santa face cakes, holiday gingerbread man decorated like Santa Claus, snowman and reindeer, holiday decorated dessert cakes, cookie platters, wreaths. fruit, gingerbread sleighs filled with cookies and more.

The bakery will also offer more than 20 traditional pies during Christmas week.

104 Forge River Pkwy, Raynham, 508-824-0132, artsinternationalbakery.com

Montilio Bakery (Brockton)

Montilio’s Baking Company offers a variety of holiday goodies, including a Christmas gingerbread house, Yule log, cannoli platter and baking platters, according to its website.

Holiday cookies come in the form of ugly sweaters, reindeer, Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Grinch, to name a few.

Montilio's in Brockton offers an assortment of beautifully decorated miniature baking trays.
Gingerbread houses are ready to go at Montilio's in Brockton.
Montilio's in Brockton has Yule Log cannoli on a platter and ready to go.

Some of the holiday cakes include an Elf Santa Claus cake and a Christmas Nome cake, as well as a crown cake. They also have Christmas cookie and gingerbread house decorating kits that you can take home and make with your kids.

134, rue Spark, Brockton, 508-894-8855, montilios.com

Bakery & Café White (Brockton)

White’s Bakery & Cafe holiday items include an assortment of holiday-themed cookies, a gingerbread house, peppermint Oreos, sugar cookie platters and more, according to its Facebook page. New this year, a chocolate and caramel “Christmas log” made from dark chocolate mousse, caramel milk, chocolate cream, milk chocolate caramel cake, chocolate icing and chocolate decorations. Holiday cakes come in the form of a Santa Claus, Grinch or Rudolph head, snowmen, fairy lights and more.

The bakery also offers a fully assembled and undecorated gingerbread house decorating kit with all decorating components, and cookie kits for you to decorate yourself. The deadline for Christmas orders is December 21, according to the bakery’s Christmas menu.

1041 Pearl St., Brockton, 508-584-5100, whitesbakeryandcafe.com

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