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Your breakfast, lunch, tea-time run, sorted.

Whether it’s 4 p.m. on a long Wednesday afternoon and you need a desperate pick-me-up or you’re looking for a delicious Sunday brunch option, a platter of perfectly browned, buttery, chewy, crispy , just … freshly baked bread rolls are always a delicious welcome.

New in the neighborhood, the latest pop-up from the Shangri-La group: Baked by Shangri-La. Led by head baker Nikolai Murzello who is good at recreating oven classics in creative and tasty variations, the bakery offers an impressive 30 types of homemade pastries and breads fresh from the oven every day. favorites, here are six must-haves:

Berlin Creme Brulee

Before jumping to guesses about this simple, toasty-looking Berliner, grab a bite of the fried outside and chewy inside. Familiar? Surely. Essentially a donut (minus the center hole), this German-origin pastry is normally a container for a rich, jammy center. But this version offers an alternate route with a crème brûlée-inspired recipe: a silky vanilla custard center with a satisfying crystalline layer of flamed sugar glistening on top.

Marshmallow muffin

The mainstay of the picnic basket, the atypical morning order, the first treat you would consider on days worth a sweet snack. Instead of a stain of typical berries or chocolate chips, this muffin is bursting with a melted homemade marshmallow center – flavored with a surreptitious ‘secret’ ingredient that makes it all the more flavorful.

Cooked by shangrila


Simple and straightforward, Wurzelbrot is a no-frills wheat bread from Switzerland. Distinguished by its irregular, twisted shape – the dough is twisted twice before baking – it fulfills its given nickname of being a tree root bread (“wurzel”) (“brot”) when recited in German. Crispy on the outside with a soft and airy interior, the Wurzelbrot has a rustic, malty flavor profile. We imagine this will be a satisfying treat anytime, but if you’re feeling particularly indulgent: a touch of butter with a generous dollop of jam will do.

Cooked by shangrila

Harlequin Crescent

These are not your usual cornershop croissants. Instead, they’re more extravagant, more forgiving – all the more difficult to resist. Buttery bites and promising puffs, these Arlequin croissants are striped in three vibrant colors, indicative of the three renewed flavors – matcha, banana and strawberry – generously filled in its chewy interior with cream or ganache. For the latter two, caramelized bananas and chopped strawberries come as an accompaniment.

Cooked by shangrila

Japanese curry beef bread

There are rolls and breads for every occasion; one is fit for the morning and others for a midnight snack. Japanese curry beef bread, however, is suitable for any time of the day and for any palate. Mixing two comfort food dishes, it’s breaded and deep-fried for a perfectly crispy golden exterior and opens with a center of fragrant ground beef curry – made with Chef Nikolai’s secret recipe. If hunger spikes occur during those difficult hours between lunch and dinner, this will surely be a good snack to tide you over.

Cooked by shangrila

Limoncello Gugelhupf

This pastry may look like the American bundt or even the pandoro Italian Christmas cake, but rest assured, the Austrian Gugelhupf is a sweet treat that will hold its place on dessert tables. Infused with limoncello for a light citrus flavor, the butter slice is topped with sweet fruit, almond flakes and a light dusting of icing sugar. Best enjoyed with a lazy afternoon and a hot cup of tea.

Cooked by shangrila

The Baked by Shangri-La pop-up will run for three months in its first location at Kowloon Shangri-La. For more updates, follow Baked by Shangri-La on Instagram.

Kowloon Shangri-La, Lobby Level, Kowloon Shangri-La, 64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong, +852 2733 8757


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