36 Genius Products You Don’t Have Yet But Should Buy Now


I bleach my dark brown-black Asian blonde hair every six to eight weeks, so I was immediately intrigued when I first heard stylists in my salon rave about K18. And it turns out the rest of the world loves it too, because it was sold out at Sephora the first time I tried to buy it. I finally grabbed a mini bottle on Amazon and was amazed at how much softer my hair felt. Seriously. I spent all day touching my hair, and even my boyfriend agreed that my mane was noticeably silkier.

Olaplex was my go-to before trying K18 and I still support it as a product, but I really like that K18 is a leave-in treatment rather than an in-shower mask. Having to let the Olaplex sit for 10 minutes felt like an eternity, especially when I wasn’t taking a full shower (you know, the ones where you exfoliate and shave). With K18, you let it sit in your hair for four minutes after showering to activate it, then you can style your hair (or just let it air dry like I do).

I found my hair to be the softest following day, so don’t be discouraged if your hair looks or feels the same the day you use it. One last thing: it’s quite pricey but a little goes a long way. The 15ml tube I bought lasted about five washes, and eventually K18 can become a maintenance product, so you won’t need to use it every time you wash your hair.”

Get it at Sephora for $75 (also available in mini size).


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