26 Foodie-Approved Farm Boy Products Perfect for the Holidays


Planning a small vacation reunion? You will need a few things. Farm Boy is full of carry-worthy finds to help you make the perfect spread. Pick up a few more treats to give as gifts.

Have you been to Farm Boy this season? The trendy Canadian grocery store is known for its unique and fun finds like homemade dips and the kind of pita chips people are obsessed with TikTok. But they’re also a great place to shop for everything you need for the holidays, from ready meals and apps for easy entertainment, to delicious and thoughtful gourmet gifts to give to your hosts and friends. There are eight locations in the city and a total of 15 in the GTA. What are you waiting for? Here are some of Farm Boy’s most anticipated holiday products.

Products for entertainment

As the vacation host with the Plus, you want the food to be on point. It won’t be a challenge with these Farm Boy products on your table.


Describing nog is difficult. It’s soft and pleasantly thick. It’s delicious and creamy with a hint of warmth and sweetness thanks to the nutmeg. Made with organic milk, egg yolks, and not too much cane sugar, Farm Boy’s holiday drink comes in an old-fashioned glass bottle and can be served hot or cold with a hint of cinnamon. To enhance your holiday evening, include a festive cocktail. Eyeglasses in Milk chocolate dessert sauce ($ 4.99) and shake Eggnog Farm Boy ($ 4.99) with amaretto and vodka. You can measure with your heart.

coconut shrimp

Plump, juicy shrimp cooked in just 15 minutes, sustainably fished deserves top notch real estate at your gathering. Dragee in a crispy coconut flake breadcrumbs, these shrimp pair perfectly with a refreshing glass of Chardonnay. $ 9.99

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Another deep-sea treasure, these wild-caught scallops sweetened with butter are tender and delicious. A juicy strip of bacon wraps around each to create the perfect juxtaposition of smoky and sweet. $ 15.99

Flat breads

A box showing Farm Boy Mushroom and Black Truffle Oil Flatbread

Flat breads suit so many palates. The solid stone-baked crust is topped with Chicken Tikka, Mozzarella, sausages and bacon, Black truffle Where Prosciutto & Pear ($ 7.99 each). Bake and cut into easy-to-eat strips for guests. Are you expecting guests with dietary restrictions? Farm Boy Gluten Free Vegan Roasted Vegetable Pizza ($9.99) is an uncompromising choice.


Stylized cheese and meat on a board with all the accessories are a classic to please. Choose from a varied selection of cheeses, such as Double Where Triple cream brie ($ 6.99 – $ 8.99). Farm Boy Cheese Balls ($ 5.99) are a nostalgic trio of Creamy Cheese sprinkled with pecans and cranberries, bacon or green onion and cheddar cheese. Fill your board with rows of Italian cold cuts, such as Bresaola, Garlic salami, Chopped off, Hot Spianata Salami, Sausage with prosciutto, Genoa salami and Antipasto Misto Salami ($ 6.99 – $ 8.99). Their salinity will equalize the richness of the cheese.

Products to offer

If you’ve been a host before, you know how much work it takes to entertain guests. Come to every date with a little something that says “thanks for having me.” Keep these Farm Boy treats on hand for easy host gifts, stocking stuffers, or secret Santas.

belgian chocolate

A box of Belgian Farm Boy chocolates sits next to an open package of chocolates.

Who wouldn’t want a box full of butter cookies coated in silky Belgian chocolate? The use of 100 percent cocoa butter and 100 percent pure vanilla contributes to the sweet success of these cookies. The result is irresistible softness and texture. Buy a box of Belgian Farm Boy Biscuits ($ 14.99) for yourself and a gift. Even with Assortment of Belgian chocolates ($ 9.99). They come pre-packaged with toppings like smooth caramel, mocha, fruit, and crispy pralines.

Coffee and cocoa
It’s hard to go wrong with a comfortable cup of tea. Create a drink kit with Farm Boy Organic Winter Coffee ($ 14.99), Hot Cocoa Truffle Chocolate ($ 3.99) and a nice mug. The coffee beans are medium dark with hints of caramel and chocolate. Vegan hot chocolate is great on its own with a little plant-based milk, or toss it into a cup of coffee for a simple mocha caffè with a squirt of whipped cream for that next level shot of caffeine.

Farm Boy Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almond Latte Coffee

The gift of snacking is priceless. Almond Latte Coffee ($ 5.99) are whole almonds generously coated in a creamy, coffee-flavored coating. It’s a new take on chocolate coated almonds for the coffee lovers on your list.


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