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The latest Amazon event is here: Prime Early Access Sale happens October 11 and 12, 2022. The sale includes deep discounts on all types of home products, and naturally, Amazon-branded products themselves, such as Amazon Basics, are among the many items on sale, exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

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Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes

Offer: navy blue, pack of 6

List price: $18.44

Offer Price: $16.04 (Up to 15% off)

Storage Cubes are so versatile they can be used for everything from towels and linens to stuffed animals, toys, shoes, archived documents, and more. This Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube Set is available in different solid colors and patterned options to suit different decors; or choose basic black so they look as discreet hidden in a closet as if they were visible on a shelf. A comparable product are these GRANNY SAYS Lightning Deal Clothes Storage Bins at 31% off).


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There are countless ways to use these cubes, whether for arts and crafts supplies, organizing Lego building blocks in a playroom, storing baby gear, or organizing accounting files. The best part? When not in use, fold it up and store it until you need it.

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Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip Hangers

List price: $22.53

Offer Price: $18.94 (Up to 16% off)

Having clothes like silk blouses or thin jackets and tank tops slipping off plastic hangers is irritating. Solve the problem with Amazon Basics hangers, which are made of non-slip velor that will hold sleeves and suspenders in place and prevent pants and skirts from sliding off the middle when hung. Finished in black with attractive rose gold tops, the hangers come in a pack of 30. That’s enough to replace all the old, mismatched ratty hangers in the closet for a clean, new, slip-free look.

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Amazon Basics Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

List price: $10.49

Offer Price: $8.36 (Up to 20% off)

A baking mat or baking tray is an essential for every kitchen, and silicone is a great way to not only save space, but also make delicious homemade creations, like macaroons, mini cookies , chocolates, etc. The Amazon Basics Silicone Nonstick Baking Mat comes in a set of two and is oven safe up to 480°F with circular guides for up to 30 macaroons or other baked goods. No oil, cooking spray or parchment paper is needed, and cleanup with soap and water is a snap.

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List price: $36.99

Offer Price: $27.74 (Up to 25% off)

Light up the exterior of the home with the Amazon Basics Commercial Grade 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights. They are designed for outdoor use and come with 16 Edison style S14 soft white bulbs. The black cord, on the other hand, won’t stand out day or night, blending in with the house siding, trees, porch, or wherever it’s placed.

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Naturally, the string lights are waterproof and can be linked, so feel free to grab a few and link them together. Spread them around the entire perimeter of the house, on the porch, back patio, around the pool, etc.

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Amazon Basics 14 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

List price: $32.99

Offer Price: $27.68 (Up to 16% off)

Save big on the Amazon Basics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set, a great kitchen upgrade for those using old, dull knives that are in desperate need of replacement. Made with high carbon stainless steel blades, the block itself is constructed from pine wood. The set includes 11 knives in total as well as a pair of scissors/kitchen shears and a knife sharpener, all neatly housed in the vertical style block. Whether it’s a chef’s knife for getting the job done, slicing freshly cooked turkey or raw vegetables for prep, or a bread knife for serving hot homemade sourdough, the set has everything you need. Grab it and the can’t-miss audio deals for the Prime Early Access sale.

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Amazon Basics Quick Dry Washcloth – 12 Pack

List Price: $14.25

Offer Price: $10.78 (Up to 24% off)

No household can ever have enough washcloths, and the Amazon Basics 12-Pack Washcloths are quick-drying and moisture-wicking so they can be used to effectively wipe face and body. Made from 100% cotton, they are soft and tear resistant. Each cloth measures 12 x 12 inches, is lightweight and finished in a lovely beige color. Available for a bargain, these washcloths would also make great stocking stuffers and gifts, especially for the first home owner, new parents, guest house, RV owner and others.

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Amazon Basics Solid Pine Shoe Rack Bench

List price: $47.90

Deal Price: Up to 11% off depending on style

A great way to organize a mess of shoes by the front door, the Amazon Basics Solid Pine Display Bench in an Espresso Finish will suit any home decor. Note that there are also three other finish options to choose from, including black, gray and natural.

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There are two shelves to accommodate up to three pairs of shoes while the top doubles as a bench to sit on and put on or tie shoes. With a 250 lbs. weight capacity, feel free to put heavy handbags and briefcases in there as well. The rack is even easy to assemble with all the necessary tools included.

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Amazon Basics Melamine Dinnerware Set

List price: $34.99

Offer Price: $14.98 (Up to 57% off)

Featuring a variety of designs and patterns, like the hydrangea floral pattern, the Amazon Basics Melamine Dinnerware Set is a set of 12 with serviceware for four, perfect for a small family, vacation home, RV or a cabin. There are four dinner plates in the set, four salad plates and four bowls, all made of 100% BPA-free shatterproof melamine material and all dishwasher safe. They stack nicely and fit together for storage in a small closet or to take camping. Take this with one of the best Kindles to buy on Amazon, then kick back with a good meal, a good book, and some quiet time.

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Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer

Available in multiple color options

List Price: $60.49

Offer Price: $55.31 (Up to 10% off)

Complete with 12 plastic bins sitting on an easy-access angle at kids’ eye level, the Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer is perfect for a child’s playroom or bedroom. Not only is it bright and colorful, it will also encourage them to put the toys away and teach sorting, colors, sizes and more at the same time. Crafted from natural wood and reinforced with metal dowels, it’s built to last and even anchors to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. With a weight capacity of 20 lbs, it can accommodate all types of toys, art supplies, books and more.

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Amazon Basics 500-Watt Mini Ceramic Personal Heater for Small Spaces

Available in four color options

List Price: $19.16

Offer Price: $15.96 (Up to 17% off)

With the onset of the winter months, a personal space heater is a great idea to have around the home, and the Amazon Basics 500-Watt Mini Ceramic Personal Space Heater for Small Spaces is a compact yet effective option. Whether adding extra heat in the home office, bedroom or nursery, or helping to thaw frozen pipes during a freezing sub-zero temperature, this space heater Personal Space is a handy device to have, even in an emergency. . Available in four colors, the ultra-lightweight heater features tip-over protection, which is useful for households with babies or pets.

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